Preliminary interview:

  • The preliminary interview is the first personal exchange between therapist and client. It allows for them to get to know each other, to establish concrete goals and, on the basis of these, choose the appropriate hypnosis technique.


  • On the actual hypnosis day, the client should have enough time to be relaxed and carefree for the session. Some nervousness is common, and not a cause for concern.
  • When the client feels comfortable and ready to achieve their goal, the hypnotist, with the help of the chosen techniques, brings them to a state between sleep and waking consciousness.
  • In this phase, the hypnotist makes the client feel relaxed, comfortable and in control of their senses at all times. The subconscious is now particularly active and ready to provide answers to unresolved fears, thoughts or behavior patterns, and is able to change them through its own still-hidden power.
  • Once the questions have been clarified, the hypnotic trance state is dissolved and the client is brought back to waking consciousness.

Final discussion

After the hypnosis session a discussion takes place, in which the goal-oriented process is reviewed and the next steps are  explained.

Ethics/ Confidentiality

I treat each client and their issues with respect and empathy. Of course, the therapy and everything discussed during the sessions are  subject to confidentiality.