We are our own biggest critics and often give more space to doubts than to our own strengths. In this way, we weaken our self-confidence and more obstacles appear in our everyday activities. It could be when coming up with ideas at a meeting, or simply when getting dressed for the day. Feeling inadequate can cause lasting problems that would not arise with a healthy conviction of one’s self. A confident person pursues their ideas and tackles work directly, without brooding for long. In this way, they come closer to their own successes more quickly and also feel complete. 


Self-discovery is an ongoing process that  is always changing. The main issue is to determine how one’s own happiness looks and to answer the question: “What do I actually want?”. In this way, one’s full potential can be exploited and strengths can be promoted, in the sense of self-realization and self-satisfaction. 


In an age of immense possibilities, everyone defines the word “self-optimization” in different ways. In general, it is about improvement or a perfected state. Self-optimization can take place in different areas of life, and it depends on what seems to be worth improving for oneself. For example, hypnosis can help to create a disciplined life, but also to become more courageous and punctual.

We humans are driven by increasing self-worth and the constant development and improvement of our own qualities. We strive for perfection, educate ourselves and want to achieve our ideal self, which takes time and strength. However, with the help of hypnosis and NLP techniques, the development process can be accelerated and thus make our goal come true more quickly.

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