Welcome to Priya Wadhwa’s psychotherapy and hypnosis practice.

This is the website for Priya Wadhwa’s psychotherapy and hypnosis practice, which is located in the heart of Berlin.

My sessions are specifically aimed at people who want to achieve changes quickly and effectively, without lengthy treatment periods. With the help of a variety of techniques, improvements can be made after just a few sessions, depending on the issue, positively affecting lives.

I will accompany you from the beginning of the transformation phase until the realization of your goals. Together, we can find the answers hidden in your subconscious. This will help us to understand fears or certain patterns of thinking and behavior, changing them if you wish.

Embark on a journey to a state of mental well-being. Find out about my psychotherapy and hypnosis methods here.

Psychotherapie und Hypnose



What people have said about my hypnosis sessions


I returned to Priya because I wanted to understand the behavior of someone close to me. It was a highly emotional hypnosis in which I had thoughts and feelings that I have never experienced before. Some things became clear and understandable to me because of the insights gained while in a trance. A very competent hypnotist.
Katja M

Some time ago, I approached Priya to release some blockages that I had been having for some time. I felt very comfortable with her from day one, achieving success after the first session. She does this with a lot of heart and soul. I am 100% satisfied and highly recommend her.

Anja B

I went to her because I urgently needed a blockage solution, which was very successful. Priya works very professionally and is very sensitive and caring, even with difficult issues. I am very enthusiastic about her skills. (Hypnosis Practice Berlin)

Sonja K

Through Priya’s friendly and warm nature, I felt protected and taken care of.  Her professional guidance in hypnosis has allowed me to finally walk the path to my goal. Thank you very much, dear Priya. (Psychotherapy Berlin)

Kerstin G