Each session is an intensive session, designed and adapted according to the client. The number of therapy hours varies and depends on the severity of the complaint as well as the anchoring of the problem. The cooperation of the person being treated is of great importance.

The treatment costs are to be paid after the invoice has been sent. Therapeutic services are tax-exempt according to § 4 (14) UStG, but tax deduction is possible.

Fee for hypnosis / EMDR

The first session involves a detailed familiarization interview as well as an anamnesis, which may result in a longer session. As a general rule, a hypnosis/EMDR session lasts 1 – 2.5 hours and costs 150 – 280 euros.

Fee for talk therapy

For talk therapy, the fee is 110 euros per hour.

It is natural that there are last-minute changes to routines, but I still ask for at least 48 hours notice (by phone or text message) for the cancellation of an appointment. Appointments not canceled within this time period may be charged.

No healing promise

I would like to point out that I, like all doctors, psychotherapists and alternative practitioners, do not make any healing promises. Psychotherapy (according to HPG) does not replace medical and psychiatric treatment.