Constant stress and pressure to perform are torture for body and soul. Due to the constant effort required, the body is given no time to regenerate, which means that everyday life can only be pursued in a weakened state. In addition to this, sleep problems can arise as well as chronic complaints that can be traced back to a poor  work-life balance.


A blockage can have various causes. For example, unpleasant experiences or memories can be reasons for inner restlessness, or beliefs that are represented by family and friends. These can burn themselves into our subconscious through constant repetition and thus cause a blockade that must be broken up in order to stop it getting out of hand.

Peace of mind is a basic prerequisite for living a happy life. A tense body leads to blockages, which can lead to dissatisfaction, inner stress, feelings of inferiority and depression. Hypnotherapy is often used for relaxation and blockage removal, as it relaxes and harmonizes the body and mind through targeted suggestions.

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