Quitting smoking

Particularly for people who have smoked for years, quitting is a challenge. The reason for this is an addiction that has developed, which is due to the nicotine content in cigarettes. Nicotine has many side effects. It poisons the body, causes high blood pressure, vascular calcification and increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

Using hypnosis to quit smoking is ideal for those who want  to face and fight their addiction. The procedure is well researched and has given many people back control over their own lives. 

Weight loss

When constantly thinking about food takes over daily life and turns into uncontrolled food intake, a pronounced addiction is often the cause. People who suffer from this try to compensate for emotions such as sadness, fear or disappointment by eating large amounts. They feel a pleasant sensation for a short time, but this quickly turns into inner emptiness. A change of diet is recommended for people who are above normal weight due to this behavior. Nevertheless, it does not solve the addiction problem, which is why hypnosis is beneficial. It helps to integrate healthy eating habits into daily life and gets to the bottom of emotional baggage. 

Smoking and eating addictions belong to the group of harmful habits. The addictions are threatening for those affected, as they affect their physical health. The addict is aware of their behavior, so they feel remorse and their own self-worth turns into self-hatred. However, it does not have to come to this. It is up to them to make the right choice and stop the destructive process.

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